Helping students improve their diet

Introduction: This proposal aims to provide several recommendations for helping students improve their diet.

The need for information: There is no emphasis on health and regular eating at the college. Firstly, considering the fact that students do not know what is good for their well-being, I suggest we could organize an event entirely dedicated to presenting in formation about food and the right way of eating. Moreover, it would also be advisable to invite health professionals, dieticians and graduate students. As a consequence, every student who has any questions could feel free to ask people that have gained experience throughout the years and could be given credible advice.

On-site facilities: Secondly, students finds the healthy food in the student coffee bars both boring and low-quality. Therefore, I recommend considering the idea of a canteen, specially for students in order to provide them with fresh, tasteful and appetizing meals. For example, the old and useless sports center could easily be converted into a great and spacious place for eating. Taking in account this project would need funding that we urgently need to make a plan for, so that it could be presented to the community of the college as well as to our sponsors without whom its realization will not be possible.

Cookery skills: Thirdly, considering the fact that students show interest in becoming better cooks, I suppose we could organize a short course in cookery skills. Not only will it give them the opportunity to gain some new knowledge in preparing delicious and healthy menus, but also as a result – they will be taught to be more independent and will be able to pay more attention to what they are consuming. Furthermore, cooking is a necessity and it will always make good use in the students’ future lives.

Conclusion: There should be no delay in organizing the provision of information to students. It is also vital to decide whether a new canteen will be built or not, and finally – it is advisable to start planning on the cooking course.

How we can help students improve their diet

Introduction: This proposal outlines the ideas of how we can help students improve their diet. The recommendations are based on a suggestions-box which students were asked to place their visions in.

Background information: Some of the students feel a lack of information on the matter of how they could deem certain foods healthy or not. Others are disappointed by the taste of the food available near the college and promoted as “the healthy choice”.

Providing information: In the light of the data collected, I suggest that we investigate ways of informing and facilitating students’ access to nutrition specialists, as this would result in their better coping with obesity and having higher self-esteem. For example, consideration might be given to the introduction of a series of lunch time talks with a dietician. A poster campaign at school could also be used.

Providing and enhancing facilities: It would be of great benefit to students if food on the special healthy shelf as in transparent packages and had labels with information about its nutritional content, so that students would be much more aware of what they are letting enter their systems. It would be inadvisable to leave students without the right of choice on account of poor selection of products when it comes to their alimentation. You might also like to consider offering a short course in cookery skills based on a range of wholesome menus. In all likelihood, students would develop a greater knowledge about food which would make them not only excellent chefs, but also would acquaint them with a better way of living.

Conclusion: If these recommendations are followed, there will be a marked improvement in the situation at our college. Despite the considerable effort required, they comprise a worthwhile step, which should be set in motion with no delay.